I'm a product designer with 16+ years of experience and a passion for solving problems

Design has the power to shape our emotions and bring us joy. That's why I became a designer.

I seek to empathize with users and create experiences that feel natural, enjoyable, and easy to use that solve real problems for both people and businesses.

I'm currently the Head of Design at Medcorder, where we've empowered patients on their healthcare journey through a medical recording and transcription app.

We've also explored exciting ideas in the voice space, building Blrb, a voice publishing platform to author and share short articles, and Howdy, a voice-to-text chat app that lets you record messages and listen or read.

Previously I founded Prism, a website bookmarking tool that makes it easier to save, organize and browse websites using screenshots, in a Pinterest-like grid. I also cofounded Slapdash, which was accepted to YC in W2019. Prior to that I was a product designer at Facebook designing the internal tools used by the company on a daily basis.
I've been a design consultant for Hot Studio, Adaptive Path, Punchcut, Hydrant and Design Map. And I got my start at Moment Design as a senior designer in New York City where I worked with clients such as Tiffany & Co., Disney, Pfizer and ESPN.


UI/UX Design

Web and Mobile


Design Systems

Content Strategy


Visual Design





Adobe CC



VS Code


B.F.A. Art Direction,
Pratt Institute